Cybersecurity Services 

Keep Your Company Data Secure

One of the largest concerns of small to medium-sized businesses like yours is cybersecurity and ransomware. Up to 60% of businesses, exactly like yours, will have to shut their doors permanently after just one(1) cyberattack. Your customers may ask questions about the safety of their personal information and may shop with your competitors instead. Australian Businesses are being targeted by cyber-attacks now more than ever in 2021. Cybersecurity services have never been more important than they are right now.

How do you keep your network protected and your employees and clients safe in a society of evolving cybercrime? Boxed security solutions aren’t enough; you need a team of real-time cybersecurity experts in your corner to help you combat the bad guys.

Express IT has a comprehensive two-tiered cybersecurity platform that combines cutting-edge anti-virus software with a Security Operations Center to provide you with the most suitable cybersecurity services in the business. 

Express IT’s Zero-Trust Approach to Cybersecurity 

A zero-trust network assumes that every device and user is a possible threat to the network. The mindset of zero-trust is “never trust, always verify.” This is the mindset that Express IT adopts in our security as well as for our clients. 

We use several layers of cybersecurity to deploy a zero-trust environment. 


Express IT routinely monitor all event logs and activity. Without this step, businesses won’t be aware of a breach until it is too late.  

Verify User Identity 

How can you trust that the person logging into the network is who they say there are? Express IT’s zero-trust networks use multi-factor authentication to verify identities, and then manage access to data based on the user’s “need to use.” 

Safe Access 

Starting at the bottom is a good approach to a zero-trust environment. When your users log in, they need a secure process to do so. Express IT provides users the resources they need for secure log-ins. 

Express IT professionals are uniquely qualified to design comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for your business. We will help you plan your strategies and solutions, and we will be with you every step of the way to put those solutions to work for you.